Top 10 Burglary Prevention Tips

  1. Leave those exterior lights on- if you were a burglar would you want to be seen?
  2. Don't fall victim to the old credit card trick- install deadbolts on all exterior doors
  3. Write down serial numbers of expensive electronics for a better chance of recovery
  4. Cancel newspaper subscriptions when on vacation- burglars are on the prowl for obviously empty houses
  5. Don't hide keys in obvious places like under the mat, above the door, under a flower pot, under a loose brick, or in light fixtures
  6. Inexpensive fire safes don't protect your valuables from theft
  7. Don't give burglars a place to hide- keep your plants trimmed
  8. Don't get robbed with your own tools- lock up things like ladders and hand tools
  9. Stay in touch with your neighbors and keep an eye out for one another
  10. Consider purchasing high security locks or an electronic security system


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