Combination Lock Help

      Unlocking combination locks on safes can be difficult if not repeated often, so this page was created to provide combination lock and safe lock instructions for our customers. Please keep in mind that all safes are different. These instructions were written with the most common type of safe lock in mind, but if yours is different and you are still having difficulty after using these combination lock instructions, don't hesitate to call us at (970) 484-4506 for further assistance.

To view instructions with your particular combination, type in your combination below and click "View Instructions". Please note that your combination will not be stored anywhere, or even sent out over the internet. If you wish, you can enter a false combination or use the second option below this box for blank instructions.

Enter a combination here:
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Click the "View Instructions" button below for a printable instruction page with blanks for you to write in your safe combination yourself.


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