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Home security is a concern for many home owners, and rightfully so. According to the Fort Collins Police Department, there were 672 burglaries reported in Fort Collins in the year 2007 alone! That's almost two burglaries in this city every single night.

There are many ways that you as a home owner can improve the security of your home and make it less of a target for crime.

      The fact is that locking up is the best way to be safe and protect against burglaries and vandalism because burglaries are crimes of opportunity that happen with little advance planning; offenders are looking for an easy mark. Easy marks have unlocked doors, windows that can be removed quickly, or entries hidden behind landscaping or fences.

      Burglars or vandals want to enter quickly, work fast, and get out; they want as little risk as possible. The trick is to slow down intruders, to make their work hard and to be sure that the risk is theirs, not yours. If the risk is too great, burglars move on to more vulnerable targets.

      Call us today to schedule a security audit by one of our trained security technicians. The objective of a security audit is to assess the risk level of every possible entry point to your home, business or building. Potentially every opening - door, window, roof vent, etc. - is an entry point for a criminal, and every opening has its own security specifications. During a security audit, each one is tested against the specifications; if the opening is found to be at risk recommendations will be made to classify it as secure. Also feel free to also check out these Top 10 Burglary Prevention Tips.

      For any questions regarding your security, don't hesitate to call us: (970) 484-4375

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